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The Southwest Section has had a very active 2013-2014 year culminating with the Branch Elections and the 2014 NAUW National Convention. During the year, the Southwest Section also participated in the BET Experience Celebration, supporting its International Initiative, various Branch activities, and the 2014 National Elections where the Southwest Section shined.

It was during a National Convention held in New Orleans that the first National President from the Southwest Section was elected. In 2014, history was repeated with the election of the second National President from the Southwest Section.

Sisters from the Southwest Section also were shining icons with participation in all areas of the National Convention. There were articles in the National Bulletin, 100% participation in the National Boys To Men Project, participation in the International project. Members traveled to Liberia to help establish the first NAUW branch on the African continent. In return, the Liberian Branch sent delegates to the National Convention, to the excitement of all of the delegates.



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