director's message

Clara Frost

2019-2021 Southwest Sectional Director

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I Do This?”

I have! This time last year, shortly after the National Association of
University Women’s 2018 National Convention, I found myself asking that exact question, “Can I do this? Can I become the next NAUW Southwest Sectional Director and, lead and inspire the officers and members of this great organization to unite; to create and promote unity, with a focus on Sisterhood and visibility?

Can I do this?

Can I build on a foundation that has lasted 109 years, encompasses 43 states, has five Sections with more than 90 branches; and two international branches?

Can I do this?

As Sectional Director, can I build on a foundation that celebrated its 50th anniversary at its Sectional Conference in February 2019; with 10 branches in California and 2-international branches in Liberia, West Africa?

Can I?

Am I prepared to join the ranks of such distinguished leaders as our National President, Letisa Vereen; Forever Emerald, Evelyn Wright; and our immediate past Southwest Sectional Director, Dr. Essie French Preston?

Do I dare say yes?

I had quite a few conversations with my COUNSELOR, praying and seeking His direction. Finally, one morning as I was piddling in my kitchen, God
responded, and said, “Do it.” So I did! I said, “Yes I can,” and immediately I saw myself being Sectional Director.
It was as if it happened simultaneously, God started giving me ideas, and so, here I am today, hosting the NAUW Southwest Sections first event since becoming Sectional Director in February 2019.
When God gave me the idea of having a Crazy Hat Tea, He was very clear about the occasion for the TEA…Have Some Fun, Leave all of the drama behind, LAUGH, JOKE, and forget about titles and roles, JUST EMBRACE EACH OTHER AS NAUW SISTERS AND ENJOY THE FELLOWSHIP.

We ALL matter. Whether you have been a member for 109 years, or just
this year, YOU MATTER. It doesn’t matter whether you have been an officer or not, YOU MATTER. Your gifts and talents are very valuable. Just as NAUW cannot sustain itself without your DOLLARS, it cannot sustain itself without the valuable gifts and talents each of you bring to OUR ORGANIZATION.
So, let us eat, laugh and love. And as we move forward, let us devote ourselves to unity; appreciating, loving and supporting each other. Let us be prepared to extend that same love and appreciation to the new members that God will send to us; women who are qualified and committed to serve this great Legacy, the National Association of University Women.


“Some of us just refuse to give up. Some of us just won’t quit. You may find defeat all around us, but you will never – EVER – find defeat within us” -anon

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Change Matters